Mood Paint Colors 100ml



Semi-permanent direct colors  for intense and vivid color effects, available in 9 shades. It guarantees bright and long-lasting reflections or pastel and soft colors.

Do not use on scalp and to cover white hair.

Ideal product for: Anyone who wants a direct color that lasts a long time. This product is also suitable for use at home.


  • 5g for a single strand correspond to about 20 applications per 100 ml tube;
  • Wear gloves, apply to washed and towel-dried hair and leave on for a maximum of 15 minutes;
  • Rinse thoroughly without shampooing, condition and dry. For an intense result, apply on a bleached or very light base.


Advanced tips:

  • For pastel colors and delicate reflections, add neutral to the mixture (up to 80% of the total mixture). Create a colored conditioning treatment by mixing Paint Color with max. 80% of Color Protect Conditioner in mixture;
  • Also use it with oxidation color (max 10% of the total mixture) to enhance and enhance the reflection.



  • Direct action pigments: They deposit on the hair and color it;
  • Cationic conditioning: Allows a better deposit of pigments for a long lasting color.

Additional information

Mood Paint

Beige, Blue, Fuchsia, Orange, Neutral, Red, Silver, Violet, Yellow