Link-D Sachets x12



Link D Sachets x 12

BOND LINKER N°1 is an innovative professional hair treatment, which added to the chemical service mix:

• Creates new disulphide bridges;

• Protect the hair fibres;

• This is a precious ally for protecting the hair’s structure from stress brought about by any chemical hair treatment.

• Use it, depending on the TREATMENT and  according to specifications together with BOND MAGNIFIER N°2 and BOND KEEPER N°3.


BOND MAGNIFIER N°2 is an innovative professional hair strengthening treatment that rejoins the links created by BOND LINKER N°1:

• It moisturises and nourishes the hair.

• Apply a generous quantity of BOND MAGNIFIER N° 2 to the hair based on its length;

• Allow it to work for at least 5 minutes;

•Rinse completely and dry.